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I'm Kerstin, photographer + designer //  traveler + observer // nature + street art lover


When I'm in nature, my heart beats a little bit faster with joy. Clear air, a fresh breeze, the beauty, the colours, the aesthetics, the energy - that's why you'll find so many landscape photos on my website.


But as we all know, life is made up of polarities and so from time to time I also need the city life, the people, the vibes, the inspirations, the completely different energy. A great passion of mine is street art photography. There are an incredible number of great artworks to be discovered in all corners of the cities.

By the way, I am a trained photographer and media designer, a true Northern light who has travelled and moved around a lot, but in the end found the way back to the far North. 

Get inspired, follow me on Instagram and if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. ;-)

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